A Measure Of The Influence Of wealthymatters Online

A picture is worth a thousand words…….

Here’s one that shows just how influential wealthymatters is online, on financial matters .

Deepika Padukone fronts the ExperienceAxis Campaign. She is a heavy-weight when it comes to brand endorsements : Link & Link  and influencer marketing : Link

And this picture shows how well wealthymatters ranks against the full might the Deepika Brand and her fan clubs.


The Goal


A Top Indian Blog !

wealthymattersWealthymatters is now apparently considered a Top Indian blog .

I was quite oblivious to this development. It was a potential advertiser who actually brought this distinction to my notice!

I guess advertisers these days really do know more about us, than we do ourselves!

Making A Mark

wealthymattersA few days back I was surprised to find one of my posts cited on Wikipedia.

Tonight I was even more surprised to find myself listed 17 on a list of the Top 30 Personal Finance Blogs in India.You can see the list here:Link.

Apparently the list has been out for 2 days.Pity I didn’t find it yesterday.It would have been a great way to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Wealthymatters.

It feels great to find my blog mentioned in the same list as many blogs I used to and still admire from far.

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