Making A Mark

wealthymattersA few days back I was surprised to find one of my posts cited on Wikipedia.

Tonight I was even more surprised to find myself listed 17 on a list of the Top 30 Personal Finance Blogs in India.You can see the list here:Link.

Apparently the list has been out for 2 days.Pity I didn’t find it yesterday.It would have been a great way to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Wealthymatters.

It feels great to find my blog mentioned in the same list as many blogs I used to and still admire from far.

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8 Responses to Making A Mark

  1. sakshi ijuyal says:

    I really enjoyed reading your posts…Keep posting!

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  3. Alex Jones says:

    Congratulations, you are starting to make a mark. A top ranking in India with such a huge population is good.

  4. mandarinvest says:

    Knowledge gets rewarded.

    • I think its more appropriate action rather than knowledge that is rewarded.Knowing what is a good stock is one thing but buying a few of those shares another.The benefit of the gain in value goes to the person who bought the stocks not the person who just identified the company.
      That aside,I knew I knew something,often learnt the hard way.But never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see my work in the Times Of India ,Toronto Life or Wikipedia,….
      And today’s top 30 list just blew me away.In that list are blogs I consider the top of the top and I never imagined reaching their league,…..
      Life is super strange,

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