Destiny’s Gift

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Last night, prompted by this extraordinary story of a 40 year friendship (Link) I went to bed thinking of the most notable friendships of my life….The beginnings, the highlights and the endings and the different flavours. In this post, I share the story of an extraordinary friendship that grew most unexpectedly out of networking.

Late 2013-Early 2014,I wished to connect with a “Person”. I’ve always liked his approach to work. And I believed that I could add value to his work in a way that no one else could. However, the most obvious person I could enlist to make this connection was far from tech savvy.  I wished to be taken seriously for my abilities, not accommodated as a favour. So I spent a couple of months feeling stymied and was considering just trying my luck and cold calling. That’s when IndiBlogger announced the BigRock #Word-Up on the 20th of September,2014.One of the keynote speakers on e-governance was Vinit Goenka. He was the National Co-Convenor of the BJP-IT Cell then. The IT bit sounded good , though I had no idea where he stood in the party’s scheme of things or with the “Person” I wished to connect with . In anycase, I was game to try. At least I could draw closer and make my way towards what I really wanted, never mind the steps in between. So, I made contact ,drawing on the name of a family friend I judged as unlikely to draw extremely negative responses from any quarter. The name of our mutual acquaintance worked well enough to get me a visiting card and a first appointment. Below is a photo of me from a little while before we met. Yeah ! Life is strange we met in a pub……………a man who doesn’t drink at all and hates the very smell of liquor and a woman who hates the taste of most liquor and disguises it with copious doses of additives to manage the required social drinking to network………….. Read more of this post

#LetstalkGovernance Mr PM

wealthymatters“We have to recognize our internal strength. We all have to march ahead with self-confidence, create our own identity and attain success for oneself and the nation.”

I say: Yes PM. My sentiments exactly.

“A lot of us think that it is the government’s responsibility to do everything…if we want to develop, then 1.2 billion will have to work towards it.”

I say:Yes PM.My questions are:

1.Who identifies problems in your scheme of things?

2.Do we believe that there is a rank order in which problems are to be solved? What’s the value basis for deciding which problem requires a priority solution? Is ranking even the right approach?

3.Who leads the initiative to solve problems? Who follows?

4.Who provides the oversight and management for the initiatives we put in place? Read more of this post

Renie,Karthik,Vineet,Anoop U Rock!

WordUpIndiBlogger MeetRenie,Karthik, Vineet, Anoop, last Saturday’s IndiBlogger BigRock #WordUp is probably the best IndiBlogger meet till date.

Thank you for making it possible for me to connect with Mr. Vinit Goenka.I was thrilled to hear back from him mid-week.

Thank you for the chance to meet Amit Agarwal. He’s the first professional blogger I have had the opportunity to meet. My takeaways from his presentation and my interaction with him are to write 500-600 word articles, if I want them to stand a chance of becoming pillar articles, to link generously to sources and to spring clean my blog and remove posts which are no longer relevant.I’ve just received a copy of his presentation and plan on researching, over the weekend,the tools he has so kindly listed out.

Thank you for inviting Anshul Tewari.I was pleasantly surprised to hear his story. When I first saw the program, I was barely interested in his session. Youth mags are oh so not my thing……..but once he started speaking, I was drawn in. His journey as an entrepreneur,…….. now that is really something more up my street! Stuff I can relate to! Read more of this post

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