Renie,Karthik,Vineet,Anoop U Rock!

WordUpIndiBlogger MeetRenie,Karthik, Vineet, Anoop, last Saturday’s IndiBlogger BigRock #WordUp is probably the best IndiBlogger meet till date.

Thank you for making it possible for me to connect with Mr. Vinit Goenka.I was thrilled to hear back from him mid-week.

Thank you for the chance to meet Amit Agarwal. He’s the first professional blogger I have had the opportunity to meet. My takeaways from his presentation and my interaction with him are to write 500-600 word articles, if I want them to stand a chance of becoming pillar articles, to link generously to sources and to spring clean my blog and remove posts which are no longer relevant.I’ve just received a copy of his presentation and plan on researching, over the weekend,the tools he has so kindly listed out.

Thank you for inviting Anshul Tewari.I was pleasantly surprised to hear his story. When I first saw the program, I was barely interested in his session. Youth mags are oh so not my thing……..but once he started speaking, I was drawn in. His journey as an entrepreneur,…….. now that is really something more up my street! Stuff I can relate to!

Thank you for bringing in Lakshmi Rebecca. I would not have discovered the Miyawaki Method of afforestation without watching her video and I know that I am going to love discovering the works of all the social entrepreneurs she interviews.

Thanks for bringing in Shree Krishna Chepuri.His posts have provided me many laughs this week.

Thanks for calling in Harsh Agrawal. I loved his little SEO tips regarding titling posts, how algorithms read permalinks, removing date stamps on old posts etc. I have long debated going self-hosted. The fear of losing the benefits of being in a community of bloggers, has always held me back. Harsh’s experience and assurances have motivated me to go self-hosted. Personally, I felt we had too little time with him. Renie, Karthik, Vineet, Anoop, any chance we can have him back again to explain on page, on-site and off-site SEO at length? He makes SEO,a topic I normally find dull and tedious, simple and fun!

Thank you for bringing in Scherezade Shroff.  I don’t really follow fashion and would never have otherwise come across her work. In fact it was only mid week that fellow IndiBlogger,  Dollie Solanki informed me that Scherezade is something of a celebrity and that her sister is Anahita Adajania Shroff,  Vogue editor,  stylist to Madhuri Dixit in Jhalak Dikhlaja and wife of Homi Adajania,of Finding Fanny…….Hearing Scherezade speak,I was struck by the potential of YouTube Networks.I also gained much by listening to how Scherezade deals with brands.

Thank you for getting Snigdha Manchanda to come over. Her’s was a timely reminder that people come to read blogs, simply because they are so personal. They hopefully tell the story of their authors, their feelings, passions, challenges, frustrations and attempts to cope, succeed and triumph.To lose the personal touch

Lastly,thanks to fellow bloggers Karan Shah, Akshay Iyer, Sriram Ramaswamy and Anupam Karn.Your companionship enriched my day.


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  2. It was pleasure meeting you Keerthika! It was a long meet but worth

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