#LetstalkGovernance Mr PM

wealthymatters“We have to recognize our internal strength. We all have to march ahead with self-confidence, create our own identity and attain success for oneself and the nation.”

I say: Yes PM. My sentiments exactly.

“A lot of us think that it is the government’s responsibility to do everything…if we want to develop, then 1.2 billion will have to work towards it.”

I say:Yes PM.My questions are:

1.Who identifies problems in your scheme of things?

2.Do¬†we believe that there is a rank order in which problems are to be solved? What’s the value basis for deciding which problem requires a priority solution? Is ranking even the right approach?

3.Who leads the initiative to solve problems? Who follows?

4.Who provides the oversight and management for the initiatives we put in place? Read more of this post

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