Renie,Karthik,Vineet,Anoop U Rock!

WordUpIndiBlogger MeetRenie,Karthik, Vineet, Anoop, last Saturday’s IndiBlogger BigRock #WordUp is probably the best IndiBlogger meet till date.

Thank you for making it possible for me to connect with Mr. Vinit Goenka.I was thrilled to hear back from him mid-week.

Thank you for the chance to meet Amit Agarwal. He’s the first professional blogger I have had the opportunity to meet. My takeaways from his presentation and my interaction with him are to write 500-600 word articles, if I want them to stand a chance of becoming pillar articles, to link generously to sources and to spring clean my blog and remove posts which are no longer relevant.I’ve just received a copy of his presentation and plan on researching, over the weekend,the tools he has so kindly listed out.

Thank you for inviting Anshul Tewari.I was pleasantly surprised to hear his story. When I first saw the program, I was barely interested in his session. Youth mags are oh so not my thing……..but once he started speaking, I was drawn in. His journey as an entrepreneur,…….. now that is really something more up my street! Stuff I can relate to! Read more of this post

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