Verghese Kurien On Building A Successful Brand

The success of the Amul brand name has, no doubt, resulted in my being asked to comment on its history and the reasons for its success. I have, therefore, reflected on the long history of the brand to see if I could distill reasons why Amul is a name widely recognised and respected, not just in our cities and towns, but in our villages as well.

Probably the easy, but nonetheless wrong, answer is that Amul has been advertised well. Certainly it has helped that those responsible for keeping the Amul name in the public eye have used considerable imagination and, if I do say so, ‘The Taste of India’ is nothing short of brilliant. However, there is much more to it.

A successful consumer product is the object of thousands, even tens of thousands of transactions every day. In these transactions, the brand name serves in lieu of a contract. It is the assurance to the buyer that her specifications will be met. It is the seller’s assurance that quality is being provided at a fair price. Read more of this post

Providing Value For Money

5 Rooba(5 Rupees)

wealthymatters.comI happened to watch this movie today. Quite a few people recommended it to me.It’s a really short flick at 7 minutes.Here’s a link to it:

Personally I felt really sad watching it.I was struck by how differently well-to-do parents interact with their children.The movie might be realistic and show pretty much what happens in real life.But why not change our reality by changing our behaviour? Read more of this post

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