5 Rooba(5 Rupees)

wealthymatters.comI happened to watch this movie today. Quite a few people recommended it to me.It’s a really short flick at 7 minutes.Here’s a link to it:


Personally I felt really sad watching it.I was struck by how differently well-to-do parents interact with their children.The movie might be realistic and show pretty much what happens in real life.But why not change our reality by changing our behaviour?

Consider this:There is the scene where the mother shouts at the child  saying his dad didn’t leave them lakhs. Personally I feel that no matter our circumstances we need to control negative reactions to money before children.After all the first step to wealth is believing that poverty is not a given.A child may not have a rich parent but that’s no reason to teach him the habit of doing without.Where there is a will there is always a couple of ways.

The part about getting the kid to save and promising to match his savings was good. Personally I think teaching delayed gratification and saving to children is the cornerstone of ensuring they get and remain wealthy in later life.But all life need not be about doing without  one thing to have something else.So instead of telling a child to save up his snack money why not get him thinking about money making ideas?

This mom makes no effort to teach her child to bargain and otherwise seek value.While other children short change the balloon seller,this boy makes no attempt to bargain in fact the balloon seller takes advantage of his naivety twice .Also this mom makes no suggestions of buying a packet of balloons and blowing them up.I think its important to get children to think in terms of getting better value for their money.

I disliked the way the mother hit the child when he would not give up his change for the vegetable seller.Personally I think the situation was ripe to introduce the child to the concept of interest.Instead of making it all about trust why not teach about pricing risk?

I don’t know if I would personally have replaced the child’s lost money.I suppose in this case it can be seen as an act of love.But personally while I don’t believe in depriving children of their small wants I believe its important early on to teach them to live with loss and the consequences of their mistakes and carelessness.Sooner rather than later all people face loss and setbacks.So I believe its important to teach kids to deal with loss.

Lastly I was struck by how there was no attempt to get the child to choose a more lasting plaything.Even when I was quite little I remember my parents and grandparents explaining why it was better to choose one thing over another simply because it was better made and/or likely to last longer.Why not teach children to go for the more lasting and permanent things in life?

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