Why Your Small Business Needs To Hire An Accountant Now

Accountant vs Book keeperSmall business owners wear many hats, but “accountant” should never be one of them. Sure, everything may seem fine, but you could be inadvertently constraining your own success and profitability. What you don’t know could be costing you more money than you realize. Here are three reasons to hire an accountant now.

Bookkeeping Is Not Accounting

Depending on the size of your business, user-friendly software like QuickBooks is probably adequate for tracking payroll, business expenses, and invoices. Bookkeeping duties don’t eat up much time for small businesses with fewer than 30 employees. Often, the owner or a part-time bookkeeper is enough for managing the day-to-day tasks. While bookkeeping is great for helping you manage your business budget, it doesn’t take care of all your business’s financial needs.

A professional with a masters in accounting has the training to offer strategic advice to grow your business. Accountants produce in-depth documents, such as profit-and-loss statements, that allow you to better analyze your business practices. They can coach you about depreciation of your assets and re-structure your business for increased profitability. Additionally, accountants offer a wealth of expertise when negotiating credit or securing capital. Read more of this post

Avoiding Inheritance Tax

wealthymattersAs the wealthy in India take precautions against the reintroduction of inheritance tax,two methods are proving popular to avoid this much-feared tax.

One is to transfer assets to investment firms owned by heirs.

Another is to set up trusts in which the heirs become beneficiaries.

Since the inheritance tax or estate duty is a tax on the transfer of wealth after a person’s death, no duty is attracted if the assets are transferred to entities or vehicles that are not persons.

The History Of Inheritance Tax in India


With rising fiscal deficit, fiscal consolidation is suddenly front page news. The government hasn’t done well in its attempts to raise revenues both tax and  non tax.The sense of alarm has brought back discredited ideas centre-stage.One of these ideas is a tax on inheritance,a favourite hobby horse of the Leftists.No matter that it was overextending ourselves on repackaged Garibi Hatao welfare measures with a proven record of ineffectiveness that brought us to the fiscal mess in the first place.Inheritance tax is being touted in the UK,US,Germany,Italy etc as a measure to claw their way out of recession.Small wonder that there is a clamour by the intellectually bankrupt for its reintroduction in India. Read more of this post

A Critique of the Giving Pledge


Following is a very nice critique of the Giving Pledge and the Buffett-Gates style of philanthropy.I found it a couple of days ago at http://heybrowncow.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/are-gates-and-buffet-teaching-the-world-how-to-live-the-american-way/ . It points out the good and the bad in the effort.The red text are points I find particularly interesting.How do you feel about the Giving Pledge? On what points do you agree/disagree with the author below?

Are Gates and Buffet teaching the world how to live (or give), the American way?

By Dingzi

AMERICAN billionaires and founders of The Giving Pledge Bill Gates and Warren Buffet may be heading next for the Nobel Peace Prize. Imagine what a heap of good the billions that have been pledged can do to make a better world.

Having persuaded 40 fellow American super-rich to pledge at least 50 per cent of their wealth to charity by the time they die – the collective pledge has reached US$1.25 billion – the two philanthropists are taking the campaign international. Read more of this post

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