Avoiding Inheritance Tax

wealthymattersAs the wealthy in India take precautions against the reintroduction of inheritance tax,two methods are proving popular to avoid this much-feared tax.

One is to transfer assets to investment firms owned by heirs.

Another is to set up trusts in which the heirs become beneficiaries.

Since the inheritance tax or estate duty is a tax on the transfer of wealth after a person’s death, no duty is attracted if the assets are transferred to entities or vehicles that are not persons.

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2 Responses to Avoiding Inheritance Tax

  1. Alex Jones says:

    With intelligence inheritance tax can be totally avoided.

    • I suppose so.But the pity is that time,energy,money and brainpower has to be spent on this goal instead of making sure that all people have the means to leave behind a nice inheritance for the next generation and so make the oft cited rationale, of giving every child an equal chance,for the inheritance tax redundant.

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