Enjoy!Don’t Fight.

wealthymatters How do the Hindujas transfer wealth down the generations?

The NRI Hinduja brothers-Srichand, Gopichand(both based in London), Prakash (who operates from Geneva) and Ashok (who lives in Mumbai)  have set up a trust that owns the group’s assets.

So,if a young Hinduja spots, say, a cool car that costs a bit, the trust will buy it for him/her. Same for, say, a plush apartment. The trust will get you stuff, but no one will really individually own the assets. Enjoy – don’t fight — seems to be the message from the Hinduja seniors.

The History Of Inheritance Tax in India


With rising fiscal deficit, fiscal consolidation is suddenly front page news. The government hasn’t done well in its attempts to raise revenues both tax and  non tax.The sense of alarm has brought back discredited ideas centre-stage.One of these ideas is a tax on inheritance,a favourite hobby horse of the Leftists.No matter that it was overextending ourselves on repackaged Garibi Hatao welfare measures with a proven record of ineffectiveness that brought us to the fiscal mess in the first place.Inheritance tax is being touted in the UK,US,Germany,Italy etc as a measure to claw their way out of recession.Small wonder that there is a clamour by the intellectually bankrupt for its reintroduction in India. Read more of this post

Keeping It Within The Family


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