Dealing with Savers and Spenders

wealthymatters.comI found the following post here: . I found the advice pretty sage.It’s basically for couples to help them deal with different money habits but I don’t see why the tips can’t be used with the friends,colleagues and business associates we need to work with.

Opposites Attract – When a Saver Marries a Spender

Let’s be honest, it is common for couples to fight about money. It is also common to have two financial opposites in the relationship. This pairing provides special challenges, but there are many couples who make it work. It all starts with awareness, first about yourself and second about your partner. Read more of this post

Are you a Saver or Spender ?

wealthymatters.comEver wondered if you were more of a saver or a spender ?I do.I know I’m a PAW by using the calculator here: .But I have a long wish-list of investments I’d love to own.And any cash that I get in hand I tend to use to buy one of them.But that dents the balance in my bank accounts and I start feeling a bit deprived.I crave the security of cash.Totally illogical,but true.My brain can grasp that the money has just moved from one head to another but my gut can’t.

If you too wonder whether you are a spender or saver why not take the short quiz here ?  and to double check you could click on the first link and use the calculator there to see if you qualify as a PAW.

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