Are you a Saver or Spender ?

wealthymatters.comEver wondered if you were more of a saver or a spender ?I do.I know I’m a PAW by using the calculator here: .But I have a long wish-list of investments I’d love to own.And any cash that I get in hand I tend to use to buy one of them.But that dents the balance in my bank accounts and I start feeling a bit deprived.I crave the security of cash.Totally illogical,but true.My brain can grasp that the money has just moved from one head to another but my gut can’t.

If you too wonder whether you are a spender or saver why not take the short quiz here ?  and to double check you could click on the first link and use the calculator there to see if you qualify as a PAW.

Psychology of Wealth

wealthymatters.comThe question why some people accumulate substantial wealth and others struggle so much in this field has attracted the attention of  quite a few psychologists.There have been many studies to correlate various personality traits and behaviour patterns, cognitive patterns , self motivation habits, moods and emotional behaviours and social behaviours with the wealth a person accumulates.

The results of these studies have been used to construct the various quizzes here .They are free and a pretty good way to get to know both one’s strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur , investor and/or speculator.

Taking these tests is a great way to get to know the strengths we can play to and the weaknesses to guard against.The results sheets also have many good psychological  tips to work around our individual weaknesses.

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