Bullion India

wealthymatters.comHere is my new discovery for today:Bullion India.I tried it out today and found the sign up easy and customer service good.I find it an excellent way to buy gold and silver at good rates.Given the tiny units in which you can buy the gold,it is the place to go to make token purchases on auspicious occasions when the prices of precious metals generally rise.Also this site is an excellent way to accumulate precious metals a little at a time as there are no storage costs and commissions.

Savitri Jindal’s Assets

wealthymatters.comHave you ever wondered about the assets of the really wealthy?Personally I have always been interested in knowing just where wealthy people have their money.My take is that wealthy people didn’t get that way or don’t stay that way without knowing a thing or two about keeping and growing their money safely.That is why I was interested when I came across her statement, given before the returning officer, while filing her nomination papers in 2009 for the Haryana Legislative Assembly elections.

Savitri Jindal is India’s richest woman. She is the widow of the late O.P.Jindal.In her statement given before the returning officer,Savitri Jindal states that she has moveable property worth Rs 17.75 crore and immovable property worth Rs 25.94 crore.I think it’s interesting to see how much of her money she has in a liquid form.Compare this to our asset allocation.Most of us are bound to have most of our money stuck in our houses.A house is a necessity, but it makes sense to acquire one’s fortune and then splurge on fancy houses rather than try to become wealthy by sinking money in our homes.

Savitri Jindal does not own a car.I think this lady shows us women a way out of owning a depreciating asset-claim you don’t drive.Having a car at one’s disposal is good but owning it might not be so wise wealth-wise.Keep the luxury car purchases for after you reach the stage of acquiring luxury homes. Read more of this post

When To Buy Silver ?

wealthymatters.comIf you are like me, the contents of the table here https://wealthymatters.com/2012/02/01/heart-stopping-silver-price-movements/ should be unsettling.But at the same time it shows how much money could be made in silver in relatively shorter periods and in a pretty passive way too.So the key to making some money from silver is to know when to buy it and when to exit it safely.The article below from yesterday’s ET should help a bit in buying and selling silver profitably.I have highlighted the parts I felt would be useful.

Silver’s path rarely smooth; don’t forget the dark clouds

Nidhi Nath Srinivas, ET Bureau Feb 2, 2012

Silver fell 44% last year, the most by any metal. Many punters in India lost their shirts. Silver is up 20% in January. Is it a good time to once again dip your toe in the water? ET helps you join the dots. Read more of this post

Heart Stopping Silver Price Movements

wealthymatters.comThe table below is from http://www.indiagoldrate.com/india-highest-lowest-silver-price-history.htm

A study of the numbers below should give an idea of just how heartstopping investing in silver can be.Many many times worse than buying gold at peaks! Read more of this post

Jim Rogers Interview on ET NOW


Here’s the transcript of Jim Roger’s interview on ET NOW as published in today’s ET:

Gold prices are overdue for a correction and it will last for several months, says Jim Rogers, chairman, Rogers Holdings. In an interview to ET NOW , the commodities investor speaks on his outlook on commodities and rupee.
Gold is down 10% in the past week and the CME increased margins by 21%. What is your outlook for gold prices? Do you see gold to $2,000 in the near term and medium term?  Read more of this post

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