Cheaper Luxury Cars


Cars in India are indeed more expensive than abroad.Its nice to see a reduction in the price of these beauties.

Find Of The Day


Do you just love super-cars?Then here is a great FB page for you to haunt: Supercars & Imports In Mumbai

Enjoy the pics.Contribute some of your own and meet other like minded people.

Highlights Of The Parx Super Car Show 2013


Lamborghini Aventador Roadster


The New Facelifted Audi R8


Y2K Superbike

Top Of The Line Cars

Maybach Rxelero Price: $8.0 million

Engine: V12

Number of Cars Produced: 1

Big & Bold: At 5,852 lbs., the Exelero outweighs other sports cars by more than a ton.

Luxury Wheels: Exelero was created to showcase ultra-high performance tyres from tyre manufacturer Fulda. Read more of this post

Savitri Jindal’s Assets

wealthymatters.comHave you ever wondered about the assets of the really wealthy?Personally I have always been interested in knowing just where wealthy people have their money.My take is that wealthy people didn’t get that way or don’t stay that way without knowing a thing or two about keeping and growing their money safely.That is why I was interested when I came across her statement, given before the returning officer, while filing her nomination papers in 2009 for the Haryana Legislative Assembly elections.

Savitri Jindal is India’s richest woman. She is the widow of the late O.P.Jindal.In her statement given before the returning officer,Savitri Jindal states that she has moveable property worth Rs 17.75 crore and immovable property worth Rs 25.94 crore.I think it’s interesting to see how much of her money she has in a liquid form.Compare this to our asset allocation.Most of us are bound to have most of our money stuck in our houses.A house is a necessity, but it makes sense to acquire one’s fortune and then splurge on fancy houses rather than try to become wealthy by sinking money in our homes.

Savitri Jindal does not own a car.I think this lady shows us women a way out of owning a depreciating asset-claim you don’t drive.Having a car at one’s disposal is good but owning it might not be so wise wealth-wise.Keep the luxury car purchases for after you reach the stage of acquiring luxury homes. Read more of this post

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