Do You Still Wish You Went To America?

wealthymattersGoing to America is a big deal for middle class India………But is it all that it’s touted to be?

Here’s a calculator to play with:Link

Just enter your own Indian Net Worth,multiplied by 18,to adjust for purchasing power parity,and see where you stand in the American scheme of things.

If you have already spent awhile in America and are debating whether to stay,just enter your net worth in the calculator and check if  your position is any better than in your country of origin.

And if your urge to go to America arises from what your relatives and friends say,just enter their net worth in the calculator and check how well they are really doing……..Be sure to accurately figure in their indebtedness. Don’t make the mistake of simply converting Dollar incomes to Rupees and imagine them to be rich or judge hastily by their clothes or spending habits etc. Read more of this post

Living Out Dollar Dreams

A common way for many middle class people around the world to make money is to migrate to wealthier countries and earn in hard currencies.If you are considering a foreign MBA to make your way abroad to make money,here is an infographic to help you understand the percentage of students who have been able to make a successful transition:


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