Living Out Dollar Dreams

A common way for many middle class people around the world to make money is to migrate to wealthier countries and earn in hard currencies.If you are considering a foreign MBA to make your way abroad to make money,here is an infographic to help you understand the percentage of students who have been able to make a successful transition:


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4 Responses to Living Out Dollar Dreams

  1. Alex Jones says:

    As troubles grow around the world the ability to migrate will be restricted.

  2. Need to promote IIT more and more…

    • That will be a good idea if the Indian taxpayer didn’t have to subsidize IIT seats.Also recently the number of IITs have been increased and there are problems of quality and infrastructure,A more worrying problem is that of jobless IIT graduates.
      And personally I am of the school that believes that the overemphasis on the IITs has lead to the neglect of other technical colleges in the country,Many IITns leave the country for management jobs abroad anyways so the country loses much of its investment.So promoting IITs has lead to dual losses to India.

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