Do You Still Wish You Went To America?

wealthymattersGoing to America is a big deal for middle class India………But is it all that it’s touted to be?

Here’s a calculator to play with:Link

Just enter your own Indian Net Worth,multiplied by 18,to adjust for purchasing power parity,and see where you stand in the American scheme of things.

If you have already spent awhile in America and are debating whether to stay,just enter your net worth in the calculator and check if  your position is any better than in your country of origin.

And if your urge to go to America arises from what your relatives and friends say,just enter their net worth in the calculator and check how well they are really doing……..Be sure to accurately figure in their indebtedness. Don’t make the mistake of simply converting Dollar incomes to Rupees and imagine them to be rich or judge hastily by their clothes or spending habits etc.

America provides some types of opportunities.Obviously some things are better there then anywhere else in the world.But its far from paradise and the streets there are not paved with gold…..Earn in dollars by all means but don’t make the mistake of exchanging a good thing you have going for you back home for worse in the course of migration.That would be detrimental to your financial well being.Factor in all the pains of migration and see if you are likely to be a net gainer before you decide either way.


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3 Responses to Do You Still Wish You Went To America?

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  2. Alex Jones says:

    The USA can create a culture shock for those unprepared, so better to do research into the society.

    • More than culture shock,I think many Indians overestimate the ease of becoming rich in America.Its only when they reach retirement age and don’t have much put by that they agonize over returning to their native place.By then India too has changed and they don’t fit in here either.Else its people who give up promising careers in India in favour of a few dollars more,and face stagnation or dead ends at work who are of two minds about returning.
      America is a great place to visit.Dollars are nice but to enjoy either or both,migration is not essential.People trying to migrate now in response to some or other peer’s example will do well to first take a trip here before disrupting their existing life.

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