Living Out Dollar Dreams

A common way for many middle class people around the world to make money is to migrate to wealthier countries and earn in hard currencies.If you are considering a foreign MBA to make your way abroad to make money,here is an infographic to help you understand the percentage of students who have been able to make a successful transition:


Trial By Fire In Patalganga

wealthymatters.comThe Indira Gandhi administration threw open the doors of PFY (polyester filament yarn) manufacturing to the private sector in early 1980. Dhirubhai Ambani  applied for a license to set up PFY manufacturing plant. In spite of stiff competition from Tatas, Birlas and 43 others, Dhirubhai was awarded the licence.To help him build the PFY plant, Dhirubhai pulled his eldest son Mukesh out of Stanford where he was studying for his MBA and dropped the untried, untested twenty-four year-old chemical engineer from Bombay University into the deep end. Read more of this post

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