The Most Expensive Keywords

If you have ever wondered why there are so many financial websites and blogs on the internet,here’s your answer.The fact that in the real world too, the financial services sector is growing at a breakneck speed helps in its own way.wealthymatters

Making Money Online

wealthymatters.comThere are reams of articles and posts out there purporting to show people how to become rich from online earnings.Some of these are penned by naive,wishful thinkers and most others by people trying to make a quick buck out of the naive,the desperate and/or greedy.

The internet has next to no entry barriers.So getting into this marketplace is easy and making a few isolated deals is easy.The difficult part is in really making your presence felt across a  sizable part of the internet.My personal take is that unless you are one of the early adapters of some or other activity you are less likely to make money on the net.So bloggers who started early,have found it easier to earn from online ads.Also the lack of enter barriers means that markets are soon saturated and good money making opportunities soon dry up.

I believe that there are only 2 ways to truly make serious money,for any length of time, using the internet.(1)Provide a system for others to benefit from the internet i.e. start an e-bay,WordPress etc. (2)Use the internet to build sales channels – do an Amazon.That said you can pick up a little pin money by sticking  to these activities outlined below.CAUTION do not wander too far from these recommended names as you are likely to waste your time on scams.At best, give the main competitor a try. Read more of this post

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