The Most Expensive Keywords

If you have ever wondered why there are so many financial websites and blogs on the internet,here’s your answer.The fact that in the real world too, the financial services sector is growing at a breakneck speed helps in its own way.wealthymatters

Something About Google

wealthymatters.comIts hard to do business today without coming in touch with Google .I will be the first to say I have benefited enormously from its numerous free services.However,Google is huge and talks down from towering heights. And the situation is made worse by the fact that there are few viable alternatives.So willy nilly it becomes a situation of play by Google’s rules or stay away with few alternatives. Conversations with Google are indeed one way and their vision  is of a pyramidal world not a flat one.

I am following the developments below,as reported in the ET, with a great interest.What about you?What do you think about these developments?How has your experience with Google been?Do you like doing business with them?What alternatives have you found?How satisfied are you? Read more of this post

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