Pawn Shops For The Rich

wealthymattersThe Suttons & Robertsons showrooms look like those of any high-end retailer or auction house: necklaces glittering with diamonds and emeralds fill the display cases, and sterling silver knives, forks and spoons sit on  wooden tables fit for a monarch. In the private room in back are bigger, shinier versions of the jewels out front. High on a wall is a coat of arms bearing the likenesses of two lions, with the date of the company’s founding underneath: 1770. Only on closer inspection does it become clear that between the lions are three balls dangling from a hook: the international symbol for a pawnbroker.

This English company focuses on the blue-chip, wealthy crowd. With almost 250 years of experience in the exclusive world of high-end pawn, Suttons & Robertsons has now gone to the US to fill what it believes is a growing need among wealthy Americans who have spent beyond their means and need a quick — and quiet — infusion of cash in exchange for a few baubles they are willing, at least temporarily, to live without.They have the capital to lend up to and beyond $1 million.  Read more of this post

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