An Explanation


Dear Readers,

Thank you for all your kind enquiries about my wellbeing.Let me hasten to add that all is well with me.The reason I have been blogging in so sporadic a fashion on wealthymatters is my preoccupation with #MumbaiMetroMess.

Last September I met Vinit Goenka during the BigRock-Indiblogger event.I am interested in governace and thought I might go see what his e-governance was all about.I was disappointed to discover that his vision of e-governance was nothing but e-government and that too of a very centralized,top-down variety.But I happened to discover the digital citizen’s movement-#MumbaiMetroMess then.

Now,like most Mumbaikars I had seen newspaper articles about the Mumbai Metro on and off for a decade and tended to pass them by as the government working in its usual sarkari style and not really listening to its citizens. Moreover,sarkari papers and files are not really my favourite reading material.So,it was a while before I consented to read any of the papers that the #MumbaiMetroMess team had collected.But once I did, I was hooked.I then went about scouring the net for anything at all about the Mumbai Metro and started reading old articles carefully and tallying what was said in one place with what was said in another.

It was then,that I caught on about how much we ordinary Mumbaikars had been lied to and played for fools and how big business really works using the government.What I have managed to figure out and blog about, is just the tip of the iceburg.But it’s enough to show how this insider’s game is played.

Having seen how things work, I had the option just moving on or doing something about it. It’s one thing to talk about philanthropy and giving,but entirely another to actually do the giving. Having received so much from Mumbai as a result of the efforts and generosity of earlier generations of Mumbaikars,I thought I’d do my little bit too and help build a better Mumbai.I am hoping that the time and effort I put into my new blog #MumbaiMetroMess, will bear fruit and that this blog becomes a place for people to come together and share what  they know about the going-ons in the government and the the MMRDA,especially with respect to the Mumbai Metro.Hopefully,an indication that a lot of people are now onto their games will act as a caution notice to the powers that be, for their shenanigans come at a steep cost to us, the ordinary people of Mumbai.

Please come over and follow my new blog and leave me some likes and comments.Blogging is a really lonely and discouraging activity when I don’t hear back from readers. Here’s the link to the beginning of the “Real” Mumbai Metro Story. Link.

Much Love,

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