Alexa And Wealthymatters

wealthymattersAlexa is one of the big players in the search engine business, though its nowhere the size of Google .It  has been around since 1996. Alexa is a subsidiary of Alexa  gives detailed site metrics and traffic reports with its search results, that a large number of tools and people,especially advertisers, use when evaluating a blog. Also, Alexa has an extensive set of APIs and web services that are commonly used by a large number of third party search tools.So a good Alexa rank is pretty important.

As Wealthymatters got into the List Of Top 30 Personal Finance Blogs In India via the Alexa India rankings, I decided to get to know about Alexa. The first thing that struck me was how Alexa merely counts the people who have the Alexa Toolbar installed.These are mainly SEO experts and other tech savvy people.So Wealthymatters traffic is bound to be under reported.To count every visitor, I now have the Alexa Traffic Widget installed on my blog.You can get one for your blog here:Link .Unfortunately installing these widgets on blogs is not straight forward.You have to use the Firefox browser and open the Alexa page and generate the code and image of the widget first.Then right click on the image and select the ‘copy image location’option. Then you have to use notepad to edit the code you have copied so that it reads :-

<img src=”that script”>
for example:
<img src=””&gt;

Next copy-paste this code you have created into a text widget in WordPress.This should allow you to display your Alexa Stats.

Also claiming a blog on Alexa is supposed to boost your rankings by making you more trustworthy.However, claiming of a blog in Alexa needs the following workaround :

Step #1: Create an account with Alexa. This is fairly straightforward, just follow the instructions the site gives you.

Step #2: Once you have your Alexa login and you are logged into your new account, click on the second toolbar tab on the top of the site titled ‘Claim Your Site’ .

Step #3: Enter the URL of your site.

Step #4: Now comes the tricky part. You are given two options. The first is to upload a file, which cannot be done with a blog. You must use a modified version of the second option.

Below is a screen capture of the Alexa verification page:

Step #5:Copy the  meta tag given under Option #2. Make sure you get the whole thing. It looks like:  <meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”YOUR ID HERE” /> i.e.what looks like the second paragraph.
Step #6:Open a new browser tab and log into your Blog.
Step #7:Click Tools on the left hand sidebar.Then click on Available Tools.There are three Text boxes in which to enter codes on this page. Only the Google Text box works for this verification. The Yahoo or Bing verification boxes will not work with the Alexa verification process.
Step #8: Paste your entire meta tag from Step #5 into the Google Verification text box.Then click the Save button.

Step #9:Open the Alexa verification tab.Click the “Verify My ID” button.This should do the trick if you have followed these instructions correctly and you should see a green check box with a message saying “Your site is successfully claimed”.Click the “Continue” button to finish your site registration.

Lastly, positive reviews of a blog on Alexa by readers is supposed to boost Alexa Rankings.So if you like something on this blog could you please take a few minutes and write a few words here?Link


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13 Responses to Alexa And Wealthymatters

  1. Anupriya says:

    Nice information but I have one question I am successfully verify alexa code now what I do data is showing no data plz tell me

    • If your blog has a ranking below 100,000 in Alexa,no data will be available.So you just need to build readership for your blog first.

  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] I occasionally go on Alexa and I think that it is okay, but not mind-blowing.

    I have no intentions of installing any Alexa widget, even though there is nothing wrong in doing so.

    Like Alex, I have questions in regards to its accuracy.

    • Well good or bad,lil ole me can’t dictate terms at the moment.So Renard if you have the time,might I cadge a favourable review of my blog on Alexa?
      Most of the world is probably underwhelmed by Alexa. And no one in the West is going to be persuaded to install a toolbar that tracks their web behaviour. Its just hyper competitive Indian bloggers hoping to monetize their blogs who are interested.Around here ad rates are low and the competition fierce as there are so many people with SEO skills hoping to make the spare dollar.So there’s a lot of fighting and price cutting to the bottom:A downside to having an IT industry going through very tough times.

  3. Alex Jones says:

    It is an interesting recognised tool, though because it only counts those with its toolbar installed I question how accurate its ranking system is.

    • I believe that if the blog carries an Alexa traffic widget the counting is more accurate.I have just installed that widget.Lets see if it seems to have any effect.
      In any case if SEO experts make it a basis to judge blogs for advertisement purposes,I suppose I can’t neglect it,not if I want to get off the stage of making $6 a month.I can’t be much good as an adviser on wealth building if I can’t demonstrate money making on blog.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Thats true. I look forward to reading how your experience with Alexa goes.

      • Of course I’ll blog about it.It’s at times like this I wish I really knew something about SEO. There’s so much info out there, much of it self-serving,obsolete and just plain wrong.And I’m learning by making every mistake in the book.At my level of ignorance I daren’t hire an ‘SEO expert’ for I’m bound to pay the price of ignorance!

      • Alex Jones says:

        Best learn by doing, making mistakes, then write a guide from your experiences.

      • Well I’m working at it.Let’s see if success will be mine.

    • BTW Alex might I cadge a review of my blog on Alexa when you have the time?

      • Alex Jones says:


      • Thanks

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