Think Small


Billionaire after billionaire will tell you to think big.Example.

Yes,we must have imagination. We have to be farsighted. We must have dreams,if we would be like them.But before we get to their level we need to think small.Don’t scorn the small beginnings.Too many people go nowhere because they refuse to get involved in small time businesses. And once in business don’t be in a hurry to act like Big Business.

Yes in business we have to be willing to risk money.But if we don’t have infinite resources,its best not to pretend we do.Spend only when the expenditure is justified, and the risk is carefully calculated and you can see it’s worth it.

Remember what J.P.Getty says….

“In my opinion, it’s more important for the man with The Millionaire Mentality to be able to think small than to think big – in the sense that he gives meticulous attention to even the smallest details and misses no opportunity to reduce costs in his own or his employer’s business.”

Essentially, according to Getty, you HAVE to be profit-conscious. You can’t just spend with an open-hand praying that money spent will automatically rake in more money. That’s a big mistake in business.And suicidal in start-ups.

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2 Responses to Think Small

  1. Alex Jones says:

    From acorns great oak trees grow.

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