Empowered Jewellery Shopping

wealthymattersIf you are a typical Indian,and have some spare cash,you probably buy gold and that too as gold jewellery.The jewellery might be for personal consumption but it is still going to have to do double duty as a safe,low-risk and liquid investment . So the jewellery is going to be bought with a sharp eye on its resale value.Purity and grammage will be important considerations.Also getting a good price will be a major consideration and there is bound to be a bit of bargaining.

Concerns about purity can be allayed by buying hallmarked jewellery. To find out the jewellers who carry BIS certified hallmarked jewellery in any city in India you can search here :Link

The price of gold follows the international rate,but there is no such thing as an all India rate.Infact there is nothing as a city-wide rate.Each shop notifies its own rate.But the All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation’s Trustmark rate for hallmarked gold jewellery can be used as a peg while bargaining about the price.To find out the Trustmark rate SMS GOLD RATE to 575758 or check the rateĀ on the GJF website here :Link

In case you are making a significant purchase ,it is worthwhile getting a hallmark certificate from the jeweller. Hallmarking costs 25 INR per item,a pair of earrings being counted as 2 items.

Hope you find Great Bargains!Happy Shopping!

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