List Of Insurance Companies In India

wealthymatters.comToday there are a heck of a lot of Insurance companies in India and every few days some or other new product is launched and withdrawn.

Insurance agents are are paid by the companies they represent and have little motivation to study products from other companies and none to recommend any of them to you.

Theoretically, brokers who are deemed by law to work in the interests of the buyer,are meant to study products from multiple companies and impartially recommend the best for their client. But remember they are compensated by insurance companies on the basis of each product they sell.Additionally the commission is on a percentage basis and calculated on the size of the premium.So brokers too face a conflict of interest and have less incentive to sell cheaper products. Read more of this post

What Comes First – Reputation Or Profits?

wealthymatters.comIf you go to most family owned companies, their core focus is profitability. How much and how soon? Little time or money is spent in building a reputation. When I visit many of the big India business group offices in India, I rarely see a poster in the visitor’s area that communicates:

What are their business practices?
What do they stand for?
What are their values?
What are their views on treating their employees?

In most Tata Companies, I see that Value Statement at eye level while sitting on the sofa at the reception. It makes me feel nice.

By not aggressively creating a positive reputation, Companies stand the risk of being determined by legacy and hearsay. That’s a big risk that can cost you your business. Read more of this post

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