The Launch Of Wonder Home Finance, The RK Group’s Newest Venture

Grains, edible oils, utensils, fuels,aromatics, printing, moneylending, cinema,ship chandling etc.etc, a whole hodgepodge of seemingly unrelated businesses of the PSTS, PSTP, PSTC family meant I always knew it was possible for people to be simultaneously present and successful in widely divergent businesses.I also knew that if I listened carefully enough to the insiders,I’d understand the method behind what to outsiders looks like madness in these ventures.Ask me too how PSTS,PSTP&PSTC became shadows of themselves,and I have my views.Unfortunately such study is only good enough to tell me what not to do,what to guard against or insure.And all brakes is no good when you are setting out to build.What I really need in my position today are insights into the habits of P,S &T to which I could attribute their success.And to figure that out,I have nothing more than a few old papers and familylore affected by a few generations of retellings to rely on.And perhaps rely a bit on my gut instincts bred by the DNA we share.

So as luck would have it,when I heard of the story of another family of three brothers,in another small town,in another far corner of the country, that in contemporary times rose from grain to become the largest producers of marble in the world and then went on to set up a state of the art cement manufacturing unit in collaboration with ThyssenKrupp and Pfeiffer with the aim to become the foremost name in premium cement in the country and was now venturing into housing finance ,I simply had to attend the Wonder Home Finance launch event in Jaipur on Aug1 and try to learn as much as I could by keeping my eyes and ears open. Read more of this post

Why 2016 Is The Greatest Time Ever To Start A Business – Richard Branson

2015 was a fantastic year for start-ups. There were explosions in innovation and changes in attitude and access to help drive a boom in more people setting up their own businesses. But 2015 was just setting the scene for 2016 – it’s a hugely exciting time to be founding a start-up.

wealthymattersWe find ourselves in a position where entrepreneurs have more control than ever before over their destinies. For example, no longer do you have to beg investors for huge cash injections in return for equity. More and more entrepreneurs are making the decision to bypass them entirely, raising capital through means such as crowdfunding instead – some hitting huge amounts. Take healthy ice-cream business Oppo, who passed their crowdfunding target of £100,000 within minutes on platform Seedrs. Not only did they end up the fastest crowdfunded food and drink business ever, but they became Seedrs’ most-overfunded campaign. That’s an endorsement for your business you can’t buy. Read more of this post

Just Make A Start

That’s how a person gets to 4 million page views a year. His first tweet was: ‘Watching the cricket.’

Jeff Bullas


The Perfect Start-Up Team

wealthymattersThe elusive perfect start-up, that is something I have been trying to discover for more than 30 years and more than 100 start-ups! I have not learned the answer, but here is what I have learned:

The perfect start-up needs a complementary team:

It needs a passionate and driven visionary who is the product person.

It needs a capable execution skill that can deliver the product or service against that vision.

It needs people skill to make sure that the best people are recruited and retained and that conflict in the company is resolved.

It needs administrative skill to make sure that as the company grows the wheels stay on (this skill can come a bit later – it’s not needed on day1)

These skills do not need to be present in 4 distinct people, but most often it takes at least 2, and usually 3 or 4 to lead these areas. Read more of this post

So You Want To Do A Start-Up Eh?

wealthymattersstartups are hard.

startups are really hard.

startups are really fucking hard.

startups are heartbreaking

startups are soul-crushing.

startups are life-shortening.

you can do EVERYTHING right and still die broke.

q: so why are we doing this again?

a: fuck if I know. – Tara Hunt

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