Why 2016 Is The Greatest Time Ever To Start A Business – Richard Branson

2015 was a fantastic year for start-ups. There were explosions in innovation and changes in attitude and access to help drive a boom in more people setting up their own businesses. But 2015 was just setting the scene for 2016 – it’s a hugely exciting time to be founding a start-up.

wealthymattersWe find ourselves in a position where entrepreneurs have more control than ever before over their destinies. For example, no longer do you have to beg investors for huge cash injections in return for equity. More and more entrepreneurs are making the decision to bypass them entirely, raising capital through means such as crowdfunding instead – some hitting huge amounts. Take healthy ice-cream business Oppo, who passed their crowdfunding target of £100,000 within minutes on platform Seedrs. Not only did they end up the fastest crowdfunded food and drink business ever, but they became Seedrs’ most-overfunded campaign. That’s an endorsement for your business you can’t buy. Read more of this post

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