“Something For My Hair Clips”

wealthymattersIn traditional Russian families it is very common that women look after the day to day budget and men tend to get some spending money handed out.

Both man and woman are likely to have saved some money from their salaries without disclosing it to their partners. A man would call it “zanachka”which could be translated as “stacked away” and women usually refer to it as “something for my hair clips” (which may sound like a small sum – but it usually is a substantial amount of money, way more than men put aside).

Men tend to save their money in cash, while women tend to buy something valuable with it or invest it.

Russian men are expected to pay for all large purchases,rent, holidays, restaurants, etc.as well as for the wedding. It is actually seen as an affront to a man if a woman pays for something in his presence. It might be seen as an attempt to say to this man that he is not masculine enough, not “a man” really.This applies to dating couples as well as the relationship between fathers and daughters. Read more of this post

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