Honey Traps

wealthymattersToday’s find has been the pheromone-based pest control traps made by Bangalore-based  Barrix Agro Sciences.

Barrix Agro Sciences is a start-up founded by Lokesh Makam-an MBA in pharmaceuticals management who had worked for companies such as Ranbaxy, Dabur and Himalaya and  Mayil Vaganan who had worked at pharma majors like Cadila Pharmaceuticals and Ranbaxy, before changing their focus to agriculture.The company was set up in 2011 with their personal savings of 23 lakh.

Fruit and vegetable farming are simple ways of making more from smaller land holdings.And the greatest challenge you will face in bringing up a good crop are the fruit and vegetable flies. They create holes in the fruits and vegetables and make them unfit for sale, You end up spending about 50,000 per hectare on pesticides.

The problem with pesticides is that besides being expensive, they  are washed away by the rains. The pheromones developed by Barrix are artificially synthesized smelling agents that attract pests. Instead of eating the crops, the pests are attracted to the pheromones in the traps and so can be trapped and destroyed. Read more of this post

A Serial Entrepreneur Writes …….


Saumil Majmudar (above) is the co-founder & MD of EduSports

Firms he has founded: Learn@Home, QSupport, Sportz-Village and EduSports

One thing he says he’d do differently now: He would not give up

His idea of the most exciting space to be in: Indian consumer space

Here he is in his own words:

When I was asked to write about my experience as a serial entrepreneur, I decided to first find out the definition of the term. This is what I got: “A serial entrepreneur is one who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses”. Read more of this post

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