India’s Top Veggie Billionaires

India's Top Veggie Billionaires

Rajiv Bajaj On Strategy

wealthymattersAsk Rajiv Bajaj what is strategy and he sums it up in a word: specialization. And that relentless focus on what you do best calls for “sacrifice” — of what self-styled experts and rivals, and even what daddy (Rahul Bajaj), thinks is best. In business terms, it meant exiting scooters — a segment many believe still has steam for growth — and narrowing the vision to motorcycles. “You can play 10 games and be the best in Pune or concentrate on one and be the best in the globe,” explains Bajaj. “It [the strategy] is the alignment of the front end with the back end. It is more about what you choose not to do rather than what you choose to do.” Read more of this post

Our New Bankers?

When the RBI issues New Banking Licences,these are some corporates who are likely to make the mark.No bank is better than its promoters.So go through the table below and then decide if you want to deposit your money with these people or avail of their banking

Billionaire Matrimonial Alliances

The Serious Business Of Marriage


And should the Big Fat Indian Wedding be your thing,try this blog-Link

Indian Philanthropy

wealthymatters.comHere are some major features of Indian Philanthropy as enumerated by eminent Indian businesspeople.They are perspectives that were articulated in response to the Gates-Buffett ‘the Giving Pledge’

1.”India has a very old culture of giving, since the time of Buddha. The concept of philanthropy is not new to us.”—-Rahul Bajaj, chairman, Bajaj Group.

2.”Philanthropy in the first world and in the third world are two different things. In the first world people donate to build a baseball stadium. In India, we have to decide for ourselves what we want out of philanthropy. It is not for the Americans to tell us.”

“shareholders have done more charity than Gates and Buffett put together. How? By allowing Cipla to export drugs for $100 million to Africa, which could have fetched $4 billion if they were exported to the US”—-Yusuf Hamied, chairman & managing director, Cipla Read more of this post

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