Zubin Mehta’s Ehsaas-e-Kashmir


The Ehsaas-e-Kashmir,a 50 crore,90 minute,Zubin Mehta concert is to be held on 7 September at the Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar .What a great birthday treat for yours truly!

It will feature the 100-member Bayerische Staatsorchester, the symphonic orchestra from Munich.

The show is being organised by the German embassy in Delhi.The show will be beamed live to TV and radio channels in India and Europe.

The highlight of the concert is a Kashmiri composition that Mehta will begin the show with. Kashmiri composer Bajan Sopori and his son, Abhay Rustum, have worked on the item. The have composed a piece that is a mélange of melodies and Sufiana, and is representative of Kashmiri’s culture and ethos.Some Kashmiri music instruments are possibly being used for the composition and about 26 local artistes will be part of the Kashmir segment. Read more of this post

Indian Philanthropy

wealthymatters.comHere are some major features of Indian Philanthropy as enumerated by eminent Indian businesspeople.They are perspectives that were articulated in response to the Gates-Buffett ‘the Giving Pledge’

1.”India has a very old culture of giving, since the time of Buddha. The concept of philanthropy is not new to us.”—-Rahul Bajaj, chairman, Bajaj Group.

2.”Philanthropy in the first world and in the third world are two different things. In the first world people donate to build a baseball stadium. In India, we have to decide for ourselves what we want out of philanthropy. It is not for the Americans to tell us.”

“shareholders have done more charity than Gates and Buffett put together. How? By allowing Cipla to export drugs for $100 million to Africa, which could have fetched $4 billion if they were exported to the US”—-Yusuf Hamied, chairman & managing director, Cipla Read more of this post

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