Let Fazza Inspire You

Let the video run a bit,I assure you there is an English translation of sorts after the first half minute.

There are some beautiful words here obscured by bad translation. Wealthymatters readers with knowledge of Arabic,especially of the Khaleeji variety, please use the comments section below to help better the translation.


The 8 Year Stock Market Cycle

wealthymatterswealthymattersNow that you have the facts at hand, wait patiently no matter how hard it seems. Master stillness and you are well onto your way of becoming wealthy .Combine stillness with swiftness and decisiveness when right and you can’t but be wealthy.

BTW: Bhavikk’s office mates have a term for when a person can’t sit still when its best they should-behaving like Baba Ramdev!


Patience And Persistence

patience and perseverence

The 10,000 Hour Rule

wealthymattersRemember the 10,000-hour rule. That’s roughly how much work and practice it takes to become accomplished in any field, whether it be sporting, creative or professional. 10,000 hours is 5 years of full time hard work. To become a virtuoso, triple that.

How To Achieve Your Dreams


Think as a farmer does to realise your dreams: act, wait, harvest.

Here is some excellent advice from Alex:

Dreams are seeds waiting to be planted in the field of life.Think as a farmer does to realise your dreams: act, wait, harvest.

Take action to achieve the dream.

Sow nothing get nothing.  Do nothing get nothing.  A farmer won’t grow a harvest if they plant no seed.  Your dream has to be seeded by taking action.

Be patient.

There is no such thing as instant grow seeds.  Seeds sown in spring wont be ready to harvest until many months later in late summer.  Once the seeds are sown nature takes its own course, patience is required.

Seize the opportunity.

You have put in the work, you have waited patiently and now you harvest the results.  Once the crop is ready it has to be harvested, waiting too long the harvest is lost. Regret follows those that despite initial good effort failed to seize the opportunity to make their dream a reality at the harvest time.


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