How To Have A Productive Day ?

time blockSimply “time-block”.
First thing in the day, before anything else, get-up earlier to the alarm if you must, set aside time and do nothing but that which will help you get ahead with accomplishing that which matters most to you.


168 Hours Only

wealthymattersFor every person on this planet, there are only 186 hours in the week.

The first 56 of these hours must be given over to sleep.

The second 56 hours must be given over to doing whatever we are currently doing, so that we maintain and improve our lifestyle at the current level.

The third 56 hours are for increasing our capacity to be more and do more.

Common Sense


Quikr NXT – I’m Lovin’ It !

wealthymattersAs I give my home a major overhaul, I am finding the new Quikr NXT instant messenger from Quikr ,a major life-saver.

Normally when a gal has to take out an ad to sell some or other piece of furniture or household-item, she has to share contact details, such as a mobile number and/or an e-mail id and then put up with the inconvenience of callers who consider only their convenience and not that of the seller. Now, I’d personally like to attend to my work and make bigger money  than the few rupees from selling my old stuff. But sellers are unlikely to be pleased, should I tell them so. And then I have the same need for rest and relaxation and sleep as other people and dislike being disturbed in my down-time. Worse, in the past my e-mail and telephone number have been harvested and used by assorted brokers and marketers,pedalling their wares. This time,Quikr NXT has made my life easy. Read more of this post

Buffett’s Productivity Hacks

wealthymattersOne day Buffett went up to his pilot named Steve and jokingly said to him that “the fact that you’re still working for me tells me I’m not doing my job.You should be out going after more of your goals and dreams.”

To help him with that, Buffett asked Steve to list the 25 most important things he wanted to do in his life.Then Buffett asked Steve to review each goal and choose the five most crucial ones.After considering a moment, Steve drew circles around five fantastic goals, confirming with Buffett that yes, indeed, they were his highest priorities.

“And the rest?What about these other 20 things on your list that you didn’t circle?” Buffett asked. “What is your plan for completing those?” Steve knew just what to say.”Well, the top five are my primary focus but the other 20 come in at a close second,” the pilot said. “They are still important so I’ll work on those intermittently.”

Buffett suddenly turned serious.”You’ve got it wrong, Steve,”he said.”Everything you didn’t circle just became your ‘avoid at all costs’ list. No matter what, these things get no attention from you until you’ve succeeded with your top five.” Read more of this post

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