How Successful People Say ‘No’

wealthymattersMost successful people know that how you say “no“ can be the difference between maintaining someone’s respect and ruining a relationship.

Telling people ‘no’ does not need to be an act of rejection. In fact, learning to say “no“ the right way can actually prove that you’re an attentive person.

First, understand the request. Hardly anybody will ask you to do something without a solid reason, so it’s safe to assume that when someone requests a favour, it’s meaningful to them. Successful people take the time to understand why each request is important to the person asking, as it shows they care even if they don’t have time to help.Total immersion in the request for even a short period of time tells the other person that you value them and what they are trying to achieve.

Second, define your vision. It’s crucial to fully understand your own objectives before you decide which requests you’re going to dedicate attention to. Successful people take a ‘goal first’ approach, in which they define their major goals and only agree to help with projects that work toward these goals.Adopting this practice will help you focus on what’s most critical at the time, so you can easily say ‘no’ right away to other requests, instead of stalling and wasting time.

Third, respond quickly. Successful people don’t wait to answer requests; they promptly give the other person a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Procrastinating on requests simply because you don’t want to say no wastes everyone’s time. You’ll be more respected for making decisions in a timely manner, even if not everyone likes your choice.

Fourth, explain why. Saying ‘no’ without an explanation makes your answer come off harsh because it doesn’t allow the other person to understand where you’re coming from. Successful people aim to be as transparent as possible because they understand that showing the other person their perspective helps them understand both why they have to say ‘no’ and that it’s not personal

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2 Responses to How Successful People Say ‘No’

  1. LFFL says:

    I think more people should be so brave to say no.

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