The Value For Money Strategy


As slowdown takes its toll,luxury brands like Louis Vuitton are rising prices and curbing retail expansion to be perceived as Veblen Goods and hence turn a profit.

However Longchamp, the French company known for its folding nylon Le Pliage handbags, is sticking to its strategy of value for money luxury and in the process clocking larger revenue growth than companies like LMVH and growing their stores worldwide on the basis of better real-estate deals for retail locations.They especially  prefer locations in Europe frequented by travelers from Asia and the Americas since sales to non-Europeans are rising faster than sales to Europeans though Europeans account for a larger share of the total.


Wardrobe Investments

wealthymattersHere’s a list of wardrobe staples to acquire.They’ll help you be turned out better on a daily basis and give the most bang for your buck.By all means reach for the luxury brands and top of the line products when it comes to these items.

1 pair of classic black leather pumps

1 good pair of leather flats: this can be flat sandals, flat boots, ballet flats, etc. depending on what you like to wear.

1 timeless handbag in a neutral shade

1 smart coat or raincoat,depending on where you live.

1 pair of diamond or pearl stud style earrings Read more of this post

Top 10 Luxury Brands

Here are the Top 10 Luxury Brands as per the 2013 BrandZ Top 100,a ranking of the most valuable global brands compiled by research firm MillwardBrown :


Wanton Consumption Explained

wealthymatters If you think that wearing gold shirts and nail polish that costs tens of thousands of dollars is the height of wanton consumption there is more:

A Louis Vuitton handbag costs upwards of 50,000 Rupees in India.Did you know that the beauty care entrepreneur Shahnaz Husain always buys two identical LV bags?Now,why is that so?If you imagine its because she wants to make certain she never runs out of a favourite accessory,you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Shahnaz loves to match her bags with her clothes.So one brand new LV bag is always cut into pieces to embellish her clothes .She has the pieces used as patches on the sleeves and collars of her clothes. Apparently her wardrobe is crafted at her bungalow in South Delhi.She personally designs her clothes and has them stitched by an in-house tailor.  Read more of this post

Insights Into Selling Luxury In India

wealthymattersH.H. Tikkaraja Shatrujit Singh of Kapurthala  is the chief representative in Asia for LVMH .He has spearheaded the development of Louis Vuitton’s business in India.

He holds that affluent customers in India are very similar to, and have the same needs and wants as, wealthy customers worldwide. The real game changer in the luxury market in India, he believes, is the aspiring middle class. And by being careful to always position a brand is always positioned at a level they are aspiring to reach,”

Hear him speak in the video below to get some insight into selling luxury goods in India.The transcript of the interview follows. Read more of this post

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