Enjoy!Don’t Fight.

wealthymatters How do the Hindujas transfer wealth down the generations?

The NRI Hinduja brothers-Srichand, Gopichand(both based in London), Prakash (who operates from Geneva) and Ashok (who lives in Mumbai)  have set up a trust that owns the group’s assets.

So,if a young Hinduja spots, say, a cool car that costs a bit, the trust will buy it for him/her. Same for, say, a plush apartment. The trust will get you stuff, but no one will really individually own the assets. Enjoy – don’t fight — seems to be the message from the Hinduja seniors.

Ford Family – Passing Wealth Down The Generations

wealthymatters,comTo pay for the New Deal, meant to pull America out of the Great Depression, FDR raised taxes in America.A per the new tax laws in 1935, taxes were raised to 50 percent on estates over $4 million and to 70 percent on those over $50 million.Henry Ford didn’t like the implications of these taxes for his business.You can read about his reasoning in these excerpts from newspapers of that time:


http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1915&dat=19250919&id=4AMhAAAAIBAJ&sjid=WnUFAAAAIBAJ&pg=3508,5720783 Read more of this post

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