Super Bike Deals


Perhaps more than luxury cars,superbikes are more your thing?Be sure you can get them at a discount too if you are willing to buy a per=owned machine.And if you are lucky,the previous-owner might have forked out big time for enhancements and customizations.

You could source such bikes from  Shreyans Auto,But the selection is a bit limited.

The second-hand market for super bikes is not organised. The news is spread word-of-mouth and through social networking sites.A good place to start looking for a second hand Ducati,BMW ,Honda,Yamaha or Suzuki superbike is Prince Raj Kapoor’s FB page.He makes anout 20.000 rs per sale.Alternatively you could try to network on Read more of this post

On What Do India’s Wealthy Spend Their Money?

wealthymattersWhat do India’s wealthy like to buy with their buckets of money?

Customized holiday packages, luxury watches, diamonds and jewelry, and home electronics (including fancy mobiles and high-end cameras) — in that order.They buy luxury cars, too, but not Ferraris and Lamborghinis as one would expect. More like Honda and Toyota, according to the study conducted by Kotak Wealth Management and rating and research firm Crisil Ltd.The wealthy here are defined as households with a minimum average net worth of 250 million rupees ($5.6 million) for the financial year ended March 31, 2011.

Researchers interviewed 150 super-wealthy individuals in India’s major cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, and others like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Chennai to put together the study. Senior personnel at major global luxury brands, art gallery owners, product dealers and industry body representatives were also interviewed. Read more of this post

Stock Market Joke

I found this joke here : Pretty apt considering what happened in our markets today.

You Have To Love Capitalists

“Large Earthquake destroys part of Japan”


“People die” Read more of this post

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