SBI Credit Cards-Caveat Emptor

wealthymattersThe following is Dhriti Mitra’s story in her own words:

I got a SBI credit card issued for the first time (due to the promotional calls done by SBI for getting a credit card issued at no charge).

I had applied for a SBI credit Card in the month of March 2018 and received the SBI credit card in the month of April 2018. I happen to receive messages from VK-SBICRD that they are unable to issue a credit card due to internal policy. Eventually I got the same message even after receiving the credit
card (last message received on 30th June 2018, 8:14am)wealthymatters Read more of this post

AmEx, AmEx, AmEx All The Way

wealthymatters.comThere are credit cards and credit cards. If you have an income, sooner or later some or other company will offer you one. And if you are a good credit risk, sooner or later, you will be offered upgrades to cards with higher credit limits and privileges. But when it comes to luxury, I have found none better than the privileges offered by the AmEx cards. For example, these credit cards don’t just offer you discounts on eating out at the food court in malls but privileges at the Taj, Oberoi, Trident and Preferred Group of Hotels, complementary access to leading golf courses round the world, free access to VIP lounges at airports,24hr concierge services and special health and wellness benefits on Max Healthcare, Fortis Healthcare and Texas Medical Concierge etc. So if you are looking for a card to get deals on world-class lifestyle services, AmEx is the way to go. Read more of this post

Ways To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Credit Card Fraud

Saving Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

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