Financial Savings Of Indians


So how does your portfolio compare to the Indian average?

Follow the wisdom of the crowd when it helps,but don’t ignore the out of favour assets.Seize the bargains.

Price And Value – Waiting For A Bargain“All things are sold at their highest when they are new in the market. If you have the patience to wait, you can see their true value later.”

You can read a nice post on the subject of finding bargains here: Remember this applies to all investments too not just consumer goods.

Shopping For NCDs on the Stock Market

wealthymatters.comBuying an NCD at an IPO when interest rates are high and holding it to maturity is a pretty sound idea.But buying NCDs in the secondary market can be pretty profitable too.

The prices of NCDs vary with changes in the prevailing interest rates.So careful shopping when prices fall as interest rates rise and holding on till maturity is more profitable.

If a person is good at figuring out which way the interest rates will move,he could buy NCDs cheap and exit them when their prices peak.This could potentially increase returns.

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