Shopping For NCDs on the Stock Market

wealthymatters.comBuying an NCD at an IPO when interest rates are high and holding it to maturity is a pretty sound idea.But buying NCDs in the secondary market can be pretty profitable too.

The prices of NCDs vary with changes in the prevailing interest rates.So careful shopping when prices fall as interest rates rise and holding on till maturity is more profitable.

If a person is good at figuring out which way the interest rates will move,he could buy NCDs cheap and exit them when their prices peak.This could potentially increase returns.

Sadly NCDs are not tracked as much as stocks,so we need to do a bit of hunting before we can home in on bargains.The first chore is to look for lists of NCDs available on the stock exchanges.Here are the links to do this:

Then we need to check to see what price the NCDs might be trading at.For this I use the security search feature on my broker’s site.

Then I use the bond yield calculator here to find out how much I can hope to make by purchasing an NCD at a given rate:

Hope this helps.Happy NCD shopping!

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7 Responses to Shopping For NCDs on the Stock Market

  1. Ramesh says:

    Is the result worth all the effort?

  2. Saajid says:

    Never tried it myself,seemed like so much work.

  3. Midas says:

    Good idea!Thanks for writing!

  4. Maji says:

    Thanks for the idea.

  5. newkid says:

    Nice idea.Will try it out!

  6. Dharmendra says:

    Let’s see how this works out!

  7. rasi says:

    Good idea. Thanks!

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