Average Age Of First-Time Home Owners

wealthymattersThe average age of Chinese people buying a house is 27 years old,the figure is 42 years old in Japan and Germany, 36 years old in Taiwan and over 30 years old in the United States. So now you know what your peers are doing…….

Home ownership might not be everything in the wealth game. It might not always be an asset. But it does bring a measure of stability in one’s life. And for many people, if they miss the chance to get a foothold in the property ladder in the early years of their working lives, they never manage to acquire one fully-paid off house by the time they are ready to retire.

Mortgages might not be the best way to acquire properties, but is everybody able to sell off businesses successfully and buy fancy houses? So think your situation over carefully and decide whether you’d rather wait or just go ahead and buy a place. Unless you are perfectly content with the family home and have no intention of ever buying a house.

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