Marussia And InstaMarkets: On The Way To One Goal


InstaMarkets, the well-known and reliable broker providing financial services on the international forex market, is cooperating with the participant of the extremely popular FIA Formula 1 World Championships, the first Anglo-Russian team, Marussia F1.

The logo of this forex broker first appeared on the race cars of Marussia in March 2013. In the course of time, the partnership of InstaMarkets and this Formula 1 race team has  strengthened and the status of this cooperation has changed.

Today InstaMarkets is the official sponsor of the Anglo-Russian Formula 1 race team Marussia. This partnership shows that InstaMarkets is holding to its tradition of supporting talented sports teams. In 2011 this broker was the title sponsor of a participant of the transcontinental Dakar rally – the Loprais Team.

InstaMarkets shares the competitive spirit of the Marussia F1 team. The highest possible speed and competitiveness are common things for forex traders and racers. They all value reliable partners, wish to be the best at whatever cost and follow their goal.

This young Anglo-Russian team took its first attempt at the world championship in 2012 and was the first team under the Russian flag.

The Marussia F1 Team was established on the basis of the British Virgin team after it had been bought by Marussia Motors in 2009. In early 2012, the team got its official name Marussia F1 Team and presented its new logo. It’s noted for its desire to be the first to take on the same challenges as the long-established teams. In 2014, Marussia F1 used new Ferrari engines instead of those of Cosworth, which were in use in the 2012&2013 seasons. The drivers of Marussia F1 Team are still Max Chilton from Great Britain and Jules Bianchi from France, who have already demonstrated their high potential, perfect reaction and brilliant technique. The headquarters is in Sheffield, UK. The team has technical support from McLaren Applied Technologies which helps Marussia improve its results.

The young and ambitious Marussia F1 Team has proven that it’s able to succeed even in the highly difficult conditions of the race. Over its initiation period it has managed to acquire a position for itself in the standings.

InstaMarkets supports all the aims of the team and hopes for fantastic results, which will lead this Anglo-Russian F1 team to the victory.

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