Pariharams For Gulika, Rahu Kaalam, Yamagandam & Shoolam

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Gulika, Rahu Kaalam, Yamagandam & Shoolam are best avoided to  improve one’s chances of success.

In case it is inevitable to undertake action during these times,we can adopt simple strategies of travelling in a different direction first,praying to the istha devata or taking the help of the Kolaru Pathigam

The following table lists other simple pariharams you can do,if you have exams,meetings etc.scheduled for inauspicious times and can’t reschedule:

Day Rahu Kaalam Gulika Yamagandam Shoolam Pariharam
Sunday 4:30-6 3-4:30 12-1:30 West Jaggery
Monday 7:30-9 1:30-3 10:30-12 East Curd
Tuesday 3-4:30 12-1:30 9-10:30 North Milk
Wednesday 12-1.30 10:30-12 7:30-9 North Milk
Thursday 1:30-3 9-10:30 6-7:30 South Oil
Friday 10:30-12 7:30-9 3-4:30 West Jaggery
Saturday 9-10:30 6-7:30 1:30-3 East Curd



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51 Responses to Pariharams For Gulika, Rahu Kaalam, Yamagandam & Shoolam

  1. On this auspicious day of Sankranthi I kept the milkpot for boiling milk during the auspious time..However I did the Pooja and naivedhyam to Sun God during yamaganda..Will it harm my family?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Nirmal says:

    My son also born in yamagandam on Sunday..
    I feel very bad… any suggestions . Pls tell me

    • Keerthika Singaravel says:

      Dont worry without due cause.Your son’s birth might mark the end of something not so good and the start of something better.Better just wait a while and really study his horoscope in detail.

  3. padmapriya says:

    really very much out of my worries after going through your replies . My son is born on March 26 th ,2016 at 2;26 pm afternoon C-section,kakinada ,Andhra .I see it is Saturday and yamagandam in that time .he is two and half years worried if this ef,fects his horoscope .or is it any way bad to me ?my dob is 11:45 am nov 3rd 1986.please advise me .thankyou in advance

  4. padmapriya says:

    really very much releaved of my worries after going through your replies . My son is born on March 26 th ,2016 at 2;26 pm afternoon C-section .I see it is Saturday and yamagandam in that time .he is two and half years worried if this eefects his horoscope .please advise me .thankyou in advance

  5. Jo says:

    Dear Madam,I did housewarming pooja on Monday.started my entry with 2 archakas & my family at 10.15Am ,ie in a good time after rahu kala,but forgot about yamagandam which began at 10.55Am on that day.But boiling the milk was done at 11.07Am .After that all required Homas were done .totally up to pm. MYy concern is about the boiling of milk at the start of yamagandam.Does it cause any problem & if so,any remedies you could suggest please Mam.I had disturbed & frustrate for the same.lucky to find your post & site.I did the housewarming on 13th of this month 2018,at Bangalore.Thank you Madam.

  6. manjula says:

    hi madam
    which oil should I donate as thursday yamaganda pariharam?

  7. mangai says:

    we gave advance without knowing tat was a yamagandam..

  8. mangai says:

    we gave advance to engagement hall in yamagandam time..wheather it creates problem in my engagement please say me

  9. mini says:

    What is the illeffect if a child is born in gullika kal.

  10. mini says:

    What is the effect if a child is born on gulika kal.

  11. Mini says:

    Which day is good for a planned c section ,1-nov-2016 or 7-nov-2016.

  12. Padmavathi says:

    Hi Keerthika,

    My Name is Padmavathi. My Birth details are 16/08/1984, 7:05AM, Hyderabad, I have so many problems in my life. Recently I was started my job life but I am not satisfied with that job…..I have US dream, but I don’t know… to I reach my goal? Please tell me when I’m getting married? and when I will go to US? is it possible?
    your reply is appreciated, Thanks in advance..


  13. SAGAR GOYAL says:

    My name is Sagar Goyal. My son was born on 28-Sep-2015 at 11:50 AM and as per your Yamagandam Chart, he was born in the Yamagandam. The pariharam says Curd and Shoolam says East. Please advice what this means and how I can nullify any ill effect of the yamagandam. Will being born in yamagandam have any adverse or ill effects on my son? please advice

    • SAGAR GOYAL says:

      Birth Place is Bangalore.. Just to add to the above comment.. Thank you in advance for your suggestion and guidance..

      • Sagar quit worrying. As I have already assured many worried parent, nothing bad happens to a child born in in yamagandam.
        If it helps you feel good, just donate some curd to nullify any bad effect that you fear. Its a small price to ensure peace of mind.

  14. JALALI says:

    Sir, I was born in gulika kalam, wich effects will this have on my life ?

    I have another question : is it a good thing I ask someone to refund me on gulika kalam ? I don’t want to have to ask him to do it a second time as I read that things done on gulika kalam will be repeated one time.

    Thank you

    • Jalali you know the answer to your first question from personal experience and as for the second, your intentions will determine what will actually happen.

      • JALALI says:

        thank you, by comparing description of gulika kalam with my Life, I can only tell that hapiness is the most important thing for me, I m not very interested in material things and think that happiness have much more to do with psychological atittude than what is truly arriving in our lives. My life was very difficult since my late childhood but I have some short period of great happiness. My life becomes significantly better after I tried to suicide in 2008 and miraculously efscape death. I don’t know if I will arrive to this psychological hapiness that I dream of (the positive end result and the hapiness of gulika kalam). My life is almost completly struggle, perhaps because I m a vishaka nakchatra native.

        Did the fact that I m born in gulika kalam mean that my current life is not the last and I have 1 more futur life to live ?

        Thank you

      • JALALI says:

        I was born 14 april 1979 at 6H56 in Khemisset, morocco : 6 W 04′ 00″, 33 N 49′ 00″.
        thank you

    • sheetal says:

      hello ..u said ur born in vishaka nakshatra..i think u dnt knw dat vishaka nakshatra natives are blessed with radharani..if u take her shelter ul get that hapiness for which ur longing.
      and about next life..unless u dont perfect ur life..ul take birth repeatedly

      • JALALI says:

        My birth details are :
        Date: April 14, 1979
        Time: 6:56:00
        Time Zone: 0:00:00 (West of GMT)
        Place: 6 W 04′ 00″, 33 N 49′ 00″
        Khemisset, Morocco

        Thank you

        I thinked I replied the message where you wanted to examine my full horoscope but just discovered I didn’t.

        Thank you sheetal for your response, I know I will rebirth until I finished my evolution but thinked perhaps because I was born in gulika kalam it is impossible that I can do this in this life.
        I m very determined to do all I can to finish my spiritual evolution in this life and self developpement is the center of my life since 2008.

  15. chandra prakash says:

    My daughter is born on 19.7.15 time 13.24pm chennai it’s was showing yamagandam is there any thing for her . Pls advice

  16. You have given Rahu Kaalam, Yamagandam, and Gulika Times. Are these times are aplicable in all over India locations. Mangesh – Maharashtra – India

  17. Raju.S.R says:

    My son’s marriage is fixed on monday between 10.00a.m and 11.00 a.m . But, it is niticed that on that day yamagandam is between 1030 a.m and 12.00am. Kindly advise.

  18. Raj says:

    Hi Keethika,

    we had a baby girl born on Jan 7th 2014 10.05 Am , as one of our pandit said this day is fine no doshas for new borns we can have delevary any time between morning to evening.
    but i see the 7th is Tuesday and the yamaganda is between 9 to 10.30 Am.

    is the rahu kalam,yamgandams are applicable to birth times as well ? if yes how is it going to be …?Could you please let us know the impact on the future of the new born…

    Birth Date : 07 jan 2014
    Birth Time : 10.05 AM
    Birth place is Secundrabad/hyderabad.(andra pradesh.).

    your reply is much appreciated, Thanks in advance..


    • The panchangam is normally considered for getting rough and ready information.So first off its not the be all and end all of everything.
      Second,I have just cast the natal charts for your daughter.There are no major issues I see.In fact,I’d not mind such a nice reading for any daughter of mine.
      Finally,to just rid yourself of anxiety you could consider a heartfelt prayer or an appropriate pariharam-say a saucer of milk for a cat or buy a hungry child a glass of milk,just any small good deed involving the free gift of milk.

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