Keep Your Eyes Open

wealthymatters.comHere’s an interesting anecdote:

Richard Branson, the boss of Virgin Airlines look a bunch of journalists to LA for his inaugural flight to that city.After a pleasant few days in a top hotel, the journos were all in the lobby waiting for a limo to take them back to the airport.

One young woman went up to Branson and asked him the following question:

“Richard, I don’t want to be a hack all my life, what is the secret to making money?”

Branson looked around and said, “Just keep your eyes open and the answer jumps right at you. Look at those outdoor heaters the hotel has around the pool, for example. I’ve never seen them before, and with the English weather the way it is, I’d bet they would sell like hot cakes at home. Find out who makes them and see if you can get the UK distribution rights.”

Out of interest, the woman checked it out and was told she could buy the rights for $3,000. She didn’t bother.

Later, the company that did buy those rights was sold for $25m.

Keep your eyes open.If you want to make money,opportunities are everywhere.Just seize them.ACT NOW!

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2 Responses to Keep Your Eyes Open

  1. Alex Jones says:

    It takes a certain type of person to be a Branson, that journalist was a dreamer but hardly business material.

    • Hardly a dreamer even.She just wanted money fast and easy. Branson showed her a way to get started and a procedure to find her own opportunities.She didn’t grab the first opportunity and my guess is she didn’t learn the lesson either or else her name would be better known,

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