Second Anniversary

wealthymattersWealthymatters turns two today.And what a long journey it has been!Thanks WordPress for the felicitations!

Two years ago I resolved to start writing again and recapture some of the skills I had before.So I decided to blog.Then came the debate between choosing Blogger or WordPress.The association with Google was a big plus for Blogger.In addition Adwords offered scope for commercialization.Unfortunately their templates did not load as well on my computer and so WordPress won the day.And then began my attempt to come to terms with the WordPress Dashboard……

Then there was the decision of whether to pay for a domain name or not.I’m glad I forked out for one or else I might have quit earlier.There was a time when even getting a single page-view was cause for elation.In fact on the fourteen days of the first January, I just managed 20 page views. Here’s me celebrating a hundred page views a day and 10,000 pageviews .Today the tally is 1.74 lac pageviews in total and an average of 763 page views a day.In fact as recently as this New Year’s day I considered 800 page views per day as my next goal and 1000 per day as the year end goal,stretchable to 2500,if the going was as good.But a few days into the new year I managed to hit the first two figures…….Must say I surprised myself!

When I first started,blogging was a rather lonely business.I kept my blog a deep, dark secret from friends and family.I felt so ashamed of my puny efforts.To make matters worse I had no convenient Twitter or Facebook account to help spread the word.The only company I had was that of spammers and anonymous search engine traffic.Thanks bots you made my life bearable then!Comments were few and far between.To keep myself going I joined the Postaday Challenge.But my spirits were flagging.And I was more than ready to give up.The next break came when WordPress went social with likes,follows,reblogs ,shares etc. Now I got to feel that there really were people around reading my stuff .In fact some people liked it enough to subscribe or share it on their blogs and social networks!

I have not cultivated the discipline to post every day as yet.But I am glad to say numbers wise I have fulfilled my commitment,even if I had to press gang myself to do so last December.These days I always awake to a few likes and comments.I have almost 400 shares,reblogs and press this.And 879 people subscribing to my posts.Lets see how fast I can manage to convince a 1000 people to join up then 3000.I didn’t realize how big mobile internet was till I saw the speed of signups and comments via Twitter!I have just signed up for Facebook and have 8 fans in 6 days.Early days yet…..but lets see how it goes.Perhaps I should add Pinterest and Tumblr this year……..

When I opted for WordPress I had given up on ads.So WordAds was a bonus.I find money motivating so I was all for it.In the last 7 months I average a little more than six dollars a month.Not great but better than nothing.It didn’t help that Google ranked me zero,boosted me to a 2 then booted me to a 1 and then kicked me up to 2 again in the last 2 years.The made in India Tag too does not help in this matter.

Another big motivator was the number of awards I received .It feels good to be hailed by ones peers.My apologies for those award acceptance posts I have not done as yet.After getting Wealthymatters on Facebook they are next on my to do list.

Thanks to my readers and the fab team at WordPress for this very eventful journey.And here’s to another couple of good years ahead!I could not have reached this milestone without you!

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4 Responses to Second Anniversary

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Congratulations on keeping going through the hard early stages. Blogs like a business takes time to grow and then succeed. You are a success to look up to.

  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Congratulations, my friend!

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