Running The Interest Rate Race

wealthymatters.comIn inflationary times fixed income instruments may not be such a great idea , especially if the interest rates are just not that high.But there is no way we can avoid these instruments.

1.We need them to add steadiness to our portfolios especially when the stock markets show volatility.

2.We need  them to  park the money we plan on using within a definite time horizon.

3.We need them again  when we have to route a steady stream of  payments into another investment and want to simultaneously avoid both the risk of a capital loss due to a short term investment in a mutual fund and the low returns of a liquid fund.

In such a situation we just need to find the highest possible interests which our funds can earn in a given time over and above the rate of inflation while simultaneously reducing the risk of capital loss.

What are the best online sources I know for quickly locating schemes offering the best interest rates ?


Hope these websites help you a bit in running the interest rate race.Though I must say the latter is now not updated so frequently, so there are a lot of wrong details in their tables. But many more worthwhile investments are likely to turn up if you still make it a point to visit bank branches and walk the streets abutting the BSE building.



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