Kuber Mudra

wealthymatters,comMudra means gesture. Kuber Mudra is believed to help achieve one’s goals in general and wealth in particular.Hence it is named after Kuber, the Treasurer of the Gods.

To form this mudra the tips of your thumb, index, and middle fingers are joined. And the ring finger and pinky are folded into the palm as shown in the picture to the left.

After folding the  figures of both your hands into Kuber Mudras,you are supposed to focus with your full intensity on what you want and think of as if you have already got it. This Mudra is supposed to help channel your energy and motivation towards what you want.

In case of this Mudra, its less important how long you do it for as compared to how much intensity you do it with.Doing it for 15 minutes each morning,while focusing on what you want done during the day is supposed to generate the desired results. Sangeeta,a wealthymatters reader,swears by its efficacy for her.

In this mudra the thumb,index and middle figure come into play.The thumb is associated with Mars,the index finger with Jupiter and the middle finger with Saturn.Mars is associated with forcefulness,Jupiter with resplendence and Saturn with fixation on the essential.So by bringing together these forces a person achieves goals and becomes wealthy.

Be Uncomfortable If You Would Be Successful

Reality check: Why denial is bad businessWhen you sit in Vajrasana – the yogic posture with your knees bent, your body takes it for a while and then revolts. If you prolong the position, you get a taste of what Indian yogic torture feels like! But Vajrasana has to be mastered if one has to progress in Yoga.

In business also, being ‘uncomfortable’ is being progressive. Being comfortable is slipping into ‘denial’ and into danger zone.

Take, for instance, the cases of Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) and Mark Pincus (CEO of Zynga – a rags-to-riches-to-rags games company).  Read more of this post

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