The Secret Of Success

wealthymatters.comThe only place success comes before work is in the English Dictionary!

Life Lessons From the Very Wealthy

wealthymatters.com1. Having money is better than not having money.

Money may not buy you happiness, but it buys many other important things. Like financial security, excellent health care, education, travel and a comfortable retirement.

2. Don’t become “cash rich” and “time poor.”

Devoting all one’s waking hours to making money is a problem that  especially plagues professionals. Lawyers, doctors, bankers and accountants can get so caught up in the competitive nature of their jobs that they lose touch with their family. Any semblance of a normal personal life disappears, and a very unhealthy balance between work and home  develops.

Work is the process of exchanging  time for money.If you are working so much to become rich but you ignore your spouse and miss seeing your kids grow up, you are actually poorer than you realize. Read more of this post

Wealth“Wealth is having all that you want and need.

There are two ways to achieve this:

1) Work to aquire all that you want and need.

2) Reduce your wants and needs to less than what you have.

Both methods are difficult.

In practice, a mixture of both will be employed to gain wealth but option 2 will always be available where option 1 may not always be.”

This is something I came across while surfing the net yesterday.The original is here.

I think it’s a nice and clear way of putting things.Wants are infinite.Our definition of needs are often extended to include everything we can have.Living below our current means is a sure shot way of accumulating a corpus.The corpus , in time , could be put to work to increase our means and so reduce you direct labour to have the things we want and need.In the mean time , work , both hard and smart , is a given.

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